Why Women Obsessed With The Jewellery

Wearing jewellery is not something new in trend; jewellery is always in trend since ages. People love to wear jewellery either men or women because it shows the personality of the person, yes men also wear jewellery, they have ears pierced, they wear handcuff, bracelets and bands, they wear chains and rings as well. It so common these days, most of the youth wear this stuff, it shows the personality but the decent person never wears such things because it doesn’t look nice and decent. For example, if you are a man and you are working in a corporate world where you are not allowed to wear any piece of jewellery except the engagement ring because it doesn’t look nice and doesn’t make your personality decent. Jewellery are mainly made for women and if women wear jewellery it enhance the beauty of women and make her decent, but there is also a rule for women, for example, if she is working lady and working in a multinational company or any random company she is not supposed to wear heavy jewellery, she must wear jewellery but it should be minimal.

Women who wear jewellery:

Most of the women who love to wear jewellery and most of the women wear but few of the women who don’t like to wear jewellery, it up to them. When women get ready for any event jewellery and make up these two things which they cannot compromise on, no matter how late they are running but these things are must to wear. Some women have a great sense of fashion and they wear jewellery according to the occasion which matches with the clothes or colour coordinated which makes them beautiful. But some of the women have no sense of fashion they always end up by doing something odd which is bold and unmatched, but confidence is the only thing which gives power to you if you wrong and unmatched. Diamonds are the best friends of every second lady because ladies love to wear diamonds and love to buy diamonds.

Diamonds as a symbol:

Diamonds are representing something special and people buy diamonds for a specific reason which is special for them because it always symbols something which a person can cherish for a lifetime. For example, if a couple getting engage they buy diamonds rings for each other, it shows how much they love each other, brilliant cut diamond engagement rings are the best for your engagement.


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