Why It Is Important To Be With Your Kids

Your kids are growing up, and with every second they become bigger the less dependent they become. When they suddenly grow out of all the dependency is when you start to realize that you should have spent more time with them. Don’t be another parent who regrets not spending enough time with his or her kids. Make sure to spend time with them. Here are some reasons, why you should always put your family before everything else!


You are their role model. From the very first time they look up to their parents, both their parents are their role models. Most of the time boys imitate their fathers while the girls tend to imitate their mothers. In all cases though it has been proven that kids imitate their parents from a very young age. So make sure that you prove to be that guiding light for them that they so badly need. Always be there to teach them the right from the wrong.

Older they get, the less control you have

The older your kids get the less control you have is a fact that every parent has agreed to! You can only discipline your child at the very beginning. The values and the manners that you instill in them at the early age sticks to them. And after they reach teenage and adolescence it is nearly impossible to change their ways. This is why it is very important that you teach them the values of life right from the start. From the moment your doctor hands over your baby to you. It is your responsibility to guide them in the right path! Check out more here http://www.eastbrookemedical.com.au/surfers-paradise/


Kids need a lot of love. Whether they are sick and taking them to a Gold Coast medical centre or going to watch a game with them, they need to be proven again and again that they are loved very much. Unless they completely believe that we, as their parents, love them to bits, they will not grow up to be disciplined and good citizens. Love can change any man. And the need for love and the urge and feeling of not being loved can change even the best of kids into the worst! So make sure that your kid knows he or she is loved a lot!


Trust is something that comes with time. You kid will only trust you completely if you spend time with them. As only then will they know that you are there for them and care about them! Then they will be able to open up to you and believe in what you say to them. And trust your words. If you are a parent who keeps promising to come to watch them play their sport but always miss it, then remember that they would have absolutely no trust in you! Make sure to always keep your promises!