Vaping Facts That You Should Know About

If you’re a smoker and have thought about quitting smoking then you are not alone. Majority of chain smokers are willing to quit, in fact many of them take serious measures to quit but find themselves going back to it. The constituents that form the cigarette smoke are capable of harming every organ in your body. Its effects on the most important organ in your body, the heart is no secret. Cigarette smoke constricts the cardiac vessels and increases blood pressure. In extreme cases this can lead to a heart stroke. More and more people are now relying of alternative techniques to control their nicotine addiction. More and more E-cigarette shop in Melbourne are springing up as vaping is becoming a popular transitional process towards a completely smoke free life. However, when we analyse the facts and figures that are related to smoking it is natural to wonder, does vaping really does help quit smoking?

Less Harmful but not entirely safe:

If you have made the conscious decision to switch from active tobacco smoking to vaping then you must also realize that vaping is not completely risk free or as healthy as you might think. Although the average tobacco cigarettes contain almost 7,000 toxins and vapes might be less harmful than cigarettes, however recent studies have shown that the constituents of vapes are still harmful and can cause damage. There have been 60 deaths that have been associated with vaping as per the reports by Centres of Disease Control and Prevention. These deaths were mainly associated to stores for selling vaping devices and vape juice that has tetrahydrocannabinol. This is a vapour thickening agent that is often added to vapes. Apart from this too the constituents of average vape smokes are harmful to health and even if they do not produce as drastic results as tobacco cigarettes, they are still harmful. Browse this website to find out more details.

Electronic cigarettes might be just as addicting as traditional Ones:

The addictive nature of the traditional tobacco cigarette is due to the nicotine content of the cigarette. However, the irony of e-cigarettes is that they have the same if not more amount of nicotine content in the vape juice. There are vape suppliers in the market who can provide a vape juice of higher nicotine content or you can even change the settings of you vape to increase the nicotine content of the vaping. Since there is the possibility of getting a higher hit of the nicotine, therefore e-cigarettes are not entirely useful in helping people cut down in nicotine content. In fact many experts and analysts believe that e-cigarettes might just be conditioning a new kind of nicotine addiction that is targeted especially in the youngsters of this generation.