Services Under The Umbrella Of Orchard Spa

Orchard spa has been offering all kinds of spa services to the people of Sydney. We have been into offering these services for a long period of time. When it comes to providing the services then we have not set age restrictions. Anyone can come to our spa and avail our services.

We also welcome the couples to come together and get the services in the same room. Many people come for their honeymoon to Sydney, we welcome them as well. We welcome them and we make sure that they will get the best ever services from our day spa in Sydney.

We believe in providing the relaxation and stress-free environment in our premises. When you enter in our spa, you will fell the difference. We have set our prices affordable so that you can come and avail our services. We take special care for our clients and try to satisfy them by providing the best services so that they come again and again to us and also refer other people to visit our spa.

The Services

There are number of services that we have been offering under the name of Orchard spa. The main services are mentioned below.

  • Facial Services:

Facial is the most relaxing and the most beneficial process for a human skin. We need to get the facials done on monthly basis. It helps the skin to breathe. It increases the circulation of the blood and takes out the inner glow from the skin. It also removes the dead skin cells from the layer of the skin and takes out all the dirt that has been penetrated in deep down layers of the skin.

  • Waxing Services:

We provide the best waxing services. We don’t use ordinary wax. We make our own wax which has mesmerising fragrance inn it. People love to come for waxing to us. Ladies get their waxing done at least once a month. So, we treat them with the best waxing services.

  • Laser Hair Removal:

We also provide the services of laser hair removal in Sydney CBD. There are many ladies who has excessive facial hair growth. They can’t visit the salon on weekly basis. So, it is advisable for them to get the laser treatment done. Laser removal helps in removing the hair from face and other parts of the body. First, it lessens the growth and then the hairs get removed permanently.

  • Massage Therapies:

We offer massage therapies for relaxation and deep tissue repairs. Deep tissue massage helps in treating the injuries. Also, our massage is good for those who have been going through muscles and bones pain.

So, book your slot now and avail our services.