Join Hands With MS

A disease which has no cure, to hear it is so painful just imagine what a person who is one day diagnosed with it would feel. To make this painful experience bearable, you have MS at your service. When you are first diagnosed with a disease, everyone you know will give you advice as in what to do and what not to do. But most of these are not doctors or experts, so it is not safe to follow what you hear. The best way to go about this is to get in touch with those who know about the disease and are experienced in dealing with patients who are suffering from it. None other than MS in Australia can be the ones to contact as they have been associated with neurological experts since the past sixty years and more. As the world is searching for sure to this disease, you have an organization that understands your problem and is there to help you out in the best of their abilities.

How to join MS

Numerous services are provided by the members at MS, and there are numerous sectors in which they help patients with multiple sclerosis. But this is not possible until each and every person contributes to this in whatever little way they can. Some of the ways in which you can join MS is through giving a donation for treatment of patients who cannot afford the medicines and care. If you are not earning and are a student, then you can volunteer during your vacations and spend time with patients so that they feel better.

Students can also be official ambassadors of MS; this means that they can take the vision forward by educating as many people as possible about the disease; they can motivate other youngsters to step forward and pay their little role in this. If someone you know such as a friend or a family member also is fighting against multiple sclerosis, you can share their story, or experience with the disease or how you as a loved one got affected by it or are adapting to it. Many a times listening to other experiences motivates the patients to keep on living providing them with a new zeal. Other ways of joining MS include helping them in organizing monthly or yearly events such as awareness programs, seminars, fundraisers etc.

How this works?

If you are unsure as to how MS can help patients with multiple sclerosis, then you need to know this case of the multiple sclerosis patient.  Most people who suffer from multiple sclerosis are unable to perform day to day functions that a normal person can such as getting up or dressing up. This is because functioning of the nervous system is affected, although the degree to which function is impaired varies. Scott was one such patient, who was bedridden and hence MS support group became his lifeline. He was educated about the disease, and donations that were received helped him in living a decent life.