How Concrete Mesh Are Installed By Professional Suppliers

The role of steel and concrete is inevitable in the construction industry. There will be hardly any structure which can have desirable strength without these materials. But when these material combined, they provide reinforced strength to the structure. One type of steel and concrete fusion is concrete mesh. In concrete mesh, steel rods are interlocked with each other, creating net-like shape or mesh and then concrete will be added over this mesh or steel bars can also be added to concrete blocks. Both make concrete mesh which has numerous applications in construction for reinforcement of stairs, footpaths, roofs, etc. Here we will discuss how concrete mesh suppliers install wire mesh in the concrete.

The tools and gear needed for these jobs are

  • Cutting tools for Steel
  • Cutting tools for Wire
  • Bar chairs with power leads
  • Safety gear for workers
  • Joining wires
  • Measuring tape

Now for example, if there is a trench of an approximate size of 8×4 feet, for the foundation of the house. He team of concrete mesh supplier will install the reinforcing mesh on the bar chairs in the trench and then concrete will be poured for foundations. Now let’s elaborate more

Firstly, bar chairs (support for steel rods) will be installed in the trench where the wire mesh needs to be installed. These bars chairs will be fitted with uniform distance according to the trench, so that steel wires can be installed on these bar chair as per required size.  This is the most critical part of this job as bar chairs must be placed on foundation and nee sot be aligned so that steel wire mesh should be installed correctly. Bar chairs need to be installed for the whole length of wire mesh in the trench. In case if the length of the trench is longer and wire mesh is shorter. Then, in that case, smaller wire mesh as per the required size can be installed. These two units of wire mesh can be joined together by using joining wires, so they will be tied up as a single unit. After installing the steel wire mesh, it is always recommended to enforce the mesh with tie wire. These tie wires will be tied between bar chairs and steel bars. All the nodes in the mesh must be tied with tie wire and it also provides proper strength to the mesh.

After the complete installation and firming of steel mesh, the structure is ready where the concrete will be poured. When concrete will be poured then it will be left for some time to dry. As long as it takes to dry, the steel and concrete meshed up together to form a solid structure that can bear the weight of the house. This mesh of concrete and steel gives a durable solution for construction needs. But this needs to be installed by professional concrete mesh suppliers.