Foods To Avoid After A Root Canal Treatment

Just as the name suggests, a root canal forms the root of the tooth. It’s what anchors your tooth in the gum and contains nerves that help your tooth ‘feel’. Although the root canal is protected by multiple layers of tooth enamel, there are certain cases where the enamel wears away and the root canal is exposed. This is often the result of bad habits such as eating sugary foods and not brushing your teeth. In such cases, your dentist will often apply treatment to the root canal in order to save the tooth. Though this procedure only takes a few minutes and is often painless, it often leaves the tooth in a vulnerable state for a few days following the treatment. In such cases, diet plays a major role in preserving and strengthening the tooth. There are certain foods and drinks that should be avoided following a root canal Burwood.

Impact upon recovery process

Liquids often cause more damage to the tooth than solid food. You should take great care to avoid certain liquids as they can seep into the enamel and cast negative side effects, especially after a Canalis radices dentale treatment. You should strictly avoid alcoholic beverages as they can cause the gums to bleed. In addition to this, tea, coffee and other hot drinks should not be consumed as they may cause pain due to the sensitivity of the tooth. For the same reason, you should avoid excessively cold beverages. As with all best dental treatments, you should keep sugary and acidic drinks out of your diet in order to recover successfully. These drinks can damage the tooth and slow down the recovery process. They are extremely harmful after a root canal treatment as the enamel has not fully grown over the damaged area.

Avoid certain eatables

In addition to beverages, there are specific solid foods that should also be avoided following a root canal treatment. Dentists would often recommend staying away from crunchy foods such as carrots, apples, corn or even cereals. While they may be healthy for you normally, they can cause damage to the tooth if consumed during the recovery period. Similarly, you should stay away from sticky or chewy foods that could possibly remove the filling. You may be thinking about some custard or a nice chocolate treat. However, as with beverages, dentists recommend that you avoid sugary foods for at least 1 week after a root canal treatment. Don’t panic just yet. This diet does not have to be permanent and is only used to assist with the recovery process. You may return to a normal diet after 1 week or as your dentist advises you. However, it pays to avoid sugary foods as it most likely got you the cavity in the first place!